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About us
Weishu Guoup Co.,Ltd was founded from Hangzhou LPG Co., Ltd., in 1993. In the past fifteen years, have acquired the state-owned Hangzhou FRP Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd., large state-owned shipyard in Hangzhou, the state-owned auto parts Hangzhou Bao Xing Co., Ltd., and founded Hangzhou Good Start Hope Gas Appliances Co., Ltd., Hangzhou West Lake MeiZhongMei tea Restaurant and Hangzhou Weishu Investment Co., Ltd. In May 2009 through the integration of capital, set up Hangzhou Industrial Group Co., Ltd., The Group headquartered is in Hangzhou City Center, registered capital of 100 million yuan. Group Main business is auto parts products such as tank car, jack etc. and liquefied petroleum gas, and involved in business, capital investment and finance,
Securities, and many other industries. In future development, the group will focus on training to improve the company, forward-looking, and sense, integration, and innovation; to the real economy-based, finance, investment management as the center of capital as a link, the implementation of diversified development strategies; development and growth in the enterprise at the same time, an active part in public welfare undertakings; efforts to achieve the production and management and operation of the perfect combination of capital has become the industry well-known brands.
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